Becoming a grinder: useful tips for playing on multiple tables

Online poker, by offering players the opportunity to play on multiple tables at the same time, has seen the birth and proliferation of a new category of professionals in recent years: grinders.

The origins of the term are explained in the appropriate glossary, while in this article we want to quickly illustrate how this game technique can be quite profitable in the long run.

Obviously playing at many tables at the same time the quality of your sessions may suffer, but if you can concentrate and play in a disciplined way over the long term you will certainly be rewarded.

Don’t start your career by playing multiple tables right away

As in any other discipline, experience is essential to guarantee a good standard of play, based on decisions taken in reasonable time.

In fact, the great challenge of playing multitabling consists in being able to manage several tables at the same time, seeing a swirling set of hands, not always easily manageable, scroll in front of your screen.

So as a first tip we suggest you start playing with a certain intensity on a single table and then gradually add more and more games, until you can control them with agility.

Find the right number of tables for you

There is no recommended minimum or maximum number of tables to grind on, so the decision is up to you and you alone.

Obviously also in this case you will have to make your choice based on your skills and in general your management skills.

The advice we give you therefore is to proceed gradually by adding or subtracting tables depending on your experience and your resistance.

Choose themes and graphics that help you select hands

The graphic themes made available by the software of the various portals in which you are going to play almost all have advanced options that will allow you to customize your gaming experience and therefore we advise you to use them to select the ones that help you most.

Here too the choice is subjective, but the advice is to use rather essential themes that are not a source of description and help you to better control the various tables.

Opt for a deck of cards with four colors

Four-color decks of cards have a different color for each sign and are a great help for multi-table players:

  • hearts = red;
  • spades = black color;
  • flowers = green color;
  • diamonds = blue color.

Through this simple graphic option you will be able to recognize with a simple glance on the table which suit you have in front of you and this will allow you to make faster decisions.

Sort the screen to keep everything under control

One of the more complex management aspects of multitabling is to organize the various tables you are playing on in an orderly way.

A good piece of advice we can give you about multi-table tournaments is that when playing at 12 or more tables, it is very useful to sort the various tournaments by the size of the blinds.

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